Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hippies Only

I never put any thought into what I put on in the morning. When I start thinking about what I'm putting on, I get very irritated with myself. And it never works out. It's all pretty much the same, and frankly, I'm not happy that I have to get dressed at all. If I knew how to make my own clothes, I would do it. I've never really loved anything that I've bought and have always thought I could come up with my own clothing line for myself if I knew how to sew. I did take Home Economics in Middle School and made pillows and some article of clothing that I can't remember. I even stole my mom's sewing machine in hopes one day I would try to figure it out. Right after I finish (and start) the girls' scrapbooks for which I have a closet full of stationery.

While I was shopping at Woodmans today, a grandpa looking man stopped me. He grabbed my hand and said to me, "You know, I have some patches you can have for those pants." I looked down and saw that I do have several intentional holes in my jeans...actually more than I even remember. This made sense though since I don't usually look at myself after I've gotten dressed. One hole is quite big because when I put them on, my foot went through the hole, ripping the threads that kept the hole not a total hole. Then, he said, "You're a hippy, aren't you? Or free spirit...would you prefer 'free spirit'?" I laugh uncomfortably and tell him I'm really fine either way. I looked down at my jeans again and see the holes, and past the jeans are my recycled shoes. I started thinking as I walked through the store. Do I look like a hippy? I mean, I showered AND washed my hair. Then, I looked in my basket of groceries and hoped not to run into him again.  (Sorry I don't know how to flip it.)

I don't think I'm a hippy, and I take no offense to the label, but I'm wondering...At what age do you feel okay stopping strangers and calling them names? This man meant no harm. And I took no offense to it. It was somewhat entertaining, albeit uncomfortable. But, I can't WAIT until I can start telling people what I'm really thinking.

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